Reload Bar Pinball gets a high score table

Reload Bar & Game's Pinball gets an upgrade. High score table is now included. Bar visitors can now be immortalised.

Reload Bar on Facebook.

Outpost Bandit due for release soon

Been holding this back waiting for the new glfw3 changes to go into the Orx Portable Game Engine. Due out September 2018.

Preview post and video here.

Xerocon South 2016!

I recently spent two days at Xerocon South 2016, looking after the latest virtual pinball machine build for Xero.

Again, thanks to all the attendees who stopped by to have a go and also to the many interested companies enquiring if they would be become commercially available. We're working on it. Read more about it here.

Big Boys Toys in Canberra

Had a blast at Big Boys Toys.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by. If you visited our stand and you'd like some pinball downloads, head over to here.

If you want to chat about anything you saw this weekend, please get in touch. Read more about it here.


Welcome to the AAU. Based outside the Canberra Region, the Alien Abduction Unit primarily acts under the banner of scientific research, to gather and study extra-terrestrial samples. Our operations and facilities are not offically recognised by any local or federal government departments.

We also write indie games. Showcased are all the projects that come under the AAU.

Please keep in mind that you do not find the Alien Abduction Unit, the Alien Abduction Unit finds you.

But you can contact us.

The AAU's gaming engine of choice is the Orx Portable Game Engine. Check it out.